Our advantages

Long-term security and reliability

Long-term reliability and safety. HEP Group with its production capacities of 34 power plants enables a stable price of electricity even in times of turbulent price changes on stock markets in the region. With our HEPI Trader application, large companies can immediately access the electricity market and decide when they want to make a purchase.

Satisfied customers

HEP Energija every day provides a safe and reliable supply of electricity to almost 8,000 measuring points, and HEP Group provides more than 2 million. Among our valued customers are also major Slovenian cities, municipalities, sports facilities and the most successful Slovenian companies.

Continuous support

With competitive electricity prices, we provide customers with full support, thus ensuring savings in operations, flexible payment deadlines, financing and energy efficiency.

Why choose HEP Energija?

  • Long standing experience and professional knowledge
  • Security and reliability of electricity supply
  • Structure of product mix is our main strength
  • Operational innovation
  • We hedge against power exchange volatility
  • Our prices exclude currency clause and an extra fee for balancing energy
  • We provide a better quality of your operations management